Welcome to Pathways

What is Pathways?

We offer three distinct stages of learning: Middle Years (7-8), Pathways (9-10) and Senior School (11-12).

Our priority in Year 9-10 is choice. Pathways adds depth to learning and ‘hones-in’ on areas of enthusiasm. You choose 24 semester long subjects across two years. You have more choice across the curriculum, but also inside it. We offer more than 85 subjects!

Year 9 in 2023

The first decision you need to make in Year 8 is

  • do I want to keep going with French or Japanese?

Your answer determines your choices. Think of Pathways as a two-year program: in Year 8 you to plan for Year 9-10, but only choose subjects for Year 9.

Year 10 in 2023

Each subject is a semester long, mirroring your final two years in senior school. You have access to VCE and VET units. If advancing is something you are interested in, make sure you explore the options in the 2021 VCAL | VCE Guide.

Your Year 10 timetable is different to your friend’s. This is because the subjects you completed in Year 9 make up part of your Pathways program. Remember, there are a minimum number of subjects required from each Domain across Year 9-10. What you have completed in Year 9 means your Year 10 subjects are partly chosen for you.

There will be support from your Learning Mentor, your Year 9 teachers and other staff. These conversations and those you have at home should help you.

I wish you all the very best as you embark on your Pathways selections.